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Don’t you just love to go on a wonderful vacation? Really, who doesn’t like to get away from it all and find themselves in some exotic location trying new flavorful foods, and relaxing under the warmth of an inviting sun? Can you picture yourself? Relaxing in a comfortable lounger,  warm sands under your feet, blue sky, blue water and the food, more food, and still more food.

This relaxation along with feasting and drinking is what causes most of us to come home from our well-deserved vacations with tighter fitting clothes as the result of our over-indulgences. People are getting smarter though. You are getting smarter and are choosing a bit more moderation in your portions. When you do eat, you are making better choices. Let’s face it, you are on vacation and this is the time to splurge a little and create some amazing memories. And learning to “have your cake, and eat it too” is what the Cheeseburger Abs philosophy is all about. Continue reading

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