Cheeseburger Abs healthy foodWhen trying to lose weight, it’s hard at first to know what to eat. You want to make sure you’re not hungry – a downfall to any diet – but you also don’t want to jeopardize your weight loss by eating too much. So how do you find a happy medium? You do it by balancing your food groups.

Let’s Get Visual

Let’s break this concept of balancing food groups down into a visual. Take a look at your plate and divide it in half. Fill one half of it with vegetables and fruit. Now, split the other half in two and fill one side with a meat or a high quality protein choice like eggs, cottage cheese, or legumes. The remaining portion of your plate can be completed with a whole grain choice like a hearty sprouted-grain bread. Of course, there is nothing wrong with cutting out grains completely, so you may consider some other non-grain carbohydrate. In fact, too my grains are being eaten, so look to cut down on them if you eat a lot of breads. Continue reading

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What if you were told to stop dieting? Doesn’t that sound fabulous? The problem with many people today is that they have been told several myths about nutrition and dieting. The problem with most diets is they do not deliver all of the nutritional goodies that your body needs. So your body begins to crave things which are not healthy for you in its search of what is lacking. What’s more, people get the idea that you can just go on the next “fad diet” to make up for consistently bad habits.

 Your diet fails, and you gain weight. If you stop dieting today and start eating “real” food that is whole and unprocessed, you will not only achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but you will improve your heart health and your chances at living a long and fitful life., like  advocate in Cheeseburger Abs

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The weight loss world has its own lingo and one of the phrases you’ll hear over and over again is ‘antioxidants’. So, what are antioxidants and why are they so important?


The Science Behind Antioxidants


Antioxidants are plant chemicals, vitamins and other nutrients that help clean up something called a free radical. In chemistry lingo, a free radical means a molecule in your body is missing an electron. This is not a balanced state, so the molecule searches out other molecules to grab that missing electron and when it does, it creates another free radical – another molecule missing an electron. So what does this mean? When you have molecules stealing electrons from other molecules, it leads to conditions like clogged arteries, accelerated aging, and damaged tissues – in other words, oxidation of your body’s systems. Continue reading

Cheeseburger Abs anti-oxidants

Everyone wants to grow old gracefully.  Some go under the knife to get that youthful look while others opt for a more natural way to maintain that healthful glow.  The way to make peace with age can be found in the types of foods that we eat and the miracle ingredient they contain.

 This hidden “miracle” is called antioxidants.  They have graced the pages of magazines, medical journals and every product from hand cream to supplement pills.  But what are antioxidants and what can they do to keep you looking your best?

 Antioxidants are substances that fight the aging process that goes on in your body.  They are not produced by the body so to get the benefit of these power-packed substances you must ingest them.  A variety of foods contain antioxidants.

 Let’s go back to the beginning.  If you read Cheeseburger Abs, then you’ve read the astounding information that all the cells alive in your body today will die, and be replaced within seven years. The body continually replenishes its cells.  Through a process called cellular metabolism, the body produces energy, more cells and repairs any damage.  One by-product of cellular metabolism is unstable molecules called free radicals. Continue reading

Al Bargen at Spartan Race Sun Peaks Sept 2013

It can be difficult to start a weight loss plan, but getting started is generally the hardest part. You know you need to get in better shape and lose those extra pounds, but having the desire and motivation to do so can keep you from it. The thing to do is find a good reason, one that motivates you, one that will help you stick to the plan. In my book Cheeseburger Abs, I call it your big “why”, and even have worksheets to help you articulate it. Here are a few to help you get started.

 Look good for an upcoming event. This can be any event that drives you to workout and eat less. Whether it’s your anniversary, an office party, or a high school reunion. Using these events as a motivator can often keep you from slacking off or quitting. Choose an event that’s still a few months away so you have time to work towards it. I use obstacle races for this. Last year was the Spartan Race. This year…. stay tuned.

 Run or walk a charity marathon. If you can’t find the motivation for yourself, you can always choose to prepare for a marathon. Getting involved in one that’s for a good cause is a great motivator. You can set aside your personal feelings, doubts and dislike of exercising when you know that you’re working towards something that is meaningful to you and will benefit a great organization like cancer or abused children. Continue reading

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid   It’s not uncommon to see people brimming with enthusiasm at the start of their new weight loss or fitness plan. However, the sad thing is that enthusiasm fizzles out within a few days or weeks, for a number of reasons. It’s now been over a month since new years… how many are still focused on their weight loss, and fitness goals?

 Boredom is probably the main reason why people stop exercising. The same walking, running or weight lifting day after day can really bore the strongest adult to tears. Besides that, some people stop because they find it difficult to continue making exercise a part of their schedule, or find that exercise isn’t giving the results they want fast enough. The core of it all is that most of us lose the motivation to exercise, using all the above reasons as excuses. Continue reading

Cheeseburger Abs (1)Let’s face it, many of us groan at the mere thought of exercise. It’s not really surprising, as exercise is work, and lots of people these days have become accustomed to sitting down all day behind a desk, or in front of the TV. However, exercise is crucial to our overall health. By understanding the benefits, you can help motivate yourself to get moving again. These benefits include:

1)      It helps you lose weight. This is an obvious one, but many people still overlook exercise when they want to lose weight. While it’s true that dieting brings more results compared to exercise according to studies, exercise is proven to help keep the weight off. Those who successfully maintain their weight after a weight loss journey usually reported exercising on a regular basis. Let’s not forget that exercise can do what dieting can’t: tone your body to help you achieve a better looking physique. Continue reading

cheeseburger Abs Weight loss trackingTracking your calories, exercise, or weight loss progress is a great way to ensure that you are on the right road to reaching your goal weight. However, you need to do it correctly to achieve the best results. Here are some rules you should always try to follow:

1) Track Daily

First things first, if you are tracking the calories you consume and exercising, do it every day! If you start skipping a day or two you will be likely to get lazy and stop doing it altogether. Tracking is important as it helps you systematically keep track of what you are eating and helps you decide if that particular food or meal has a place in your diet. Continue reading

Cheeseburger AbsBefore learning how to avoid hitting a strength training plateau, we have to first know what causes one; in a word adaptation.

 The human body can quickly learn how to make the most of a situation. So if you are eating about the same number (and types) of calories and doing the same strength training routines, your body adapts to that scenario and trains itself to do the same amount of work more efficiently.

 To avoid hitting a plateau, keep these four things in mind… Continue reading

Cheeseburger AbsUnless you are prepared, it can be hard to stay on a fitness routine when travelling. However these 4 tips can make exercising while away from home easier (and even fun).

 1) Pack for success

 Part of being prepared is having the things that you need to keep on your exercise regimen with you. These items don’t take up much room and weigh very little:

  • Exercise clothing
  • Swimsuit
  • Jump-rope
  • Resistance tubing
  • Hand grips
  • Music and headphones
  • Exercise video or DVD
  • flip flops for the hot tub area Continue reading
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