Image Courtesy of GraphicStock (8)Many of the water-rich foods are high in fiber, but low in calories. Researchers have found that the body senses it is full by the volume of food and not the number of calories consumed.

By filling up on water-rich foods first, you end up feeling full, eat less high-calorie foods and in the end eat fewer calories over the course of that meal.

Some of the water-rich foods are classified as negative calorie foods – it takes more calories to digest them than what is contained in the food itself. Let’s take a look at some of these foods that fill you up fast:


  • Fruits and vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, cucumber, tomato, carrots, watermelon, berries, apples.
  • Low-fat or fat-free milk products, such as milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese.
  • Non cream-based soups, including soups made from vegetables, chicken or beef broth or tomatoes. Continue reading

Cheeseburger AbsSick of your sagging booty? Tired of trying to tone your tush and getting no results? If you are looking for some quick and simple to perform exercises to tone your bottom that really work, this is your lucky day. Regularly performing the following 7 exercises will get your gluteus maximus firm, toned … and noticed. A quick YouTube search will give great direction on the following.

Barbell Deadlift Hip Thrust

This is a marvelous exercise for tightening your tail section. Load a barbell, and position it on the floor right over your feet. Using an overhand grip and your hands a little wider than shoulder width, grab the bar. Without bending your back, rise up from the waist and thrust your hips forward. Squeeze your posterior as you do so, and return the bar to the floor while keeping it as close to your body as you can. Continue reading

CheeseburgerAbs.comWith all of the nutritional nightmares in today’s normal diet which make you inactive and sloth-like, it is easy to see exercise as something you would rather avoid. Your body is the most amazing machine ever created, and it tends to become accustomed to whatever type of activity habits you program it with. A human body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a human being in motion tends to stay in motion. Here are a few ways to stop seeing exercise as something negative, so you can begin to live a happier, healthier and longer life.

 Start scheduling your exercise first thing in the morning when you wake up. This has been proven to lead to better health patterns and improved day-long productivity. It is hard to look upon your daily or weekly exercise as something you would rather avoid when you begin to get more done and feel healthier. Continue reading

??????????????????????????????????????????Hi, Al Bargen here and your body needs a few things daily. For your body to function properly, you need to give it six essential nutrients each day. Here’s a quick overview of each one.

 1) Water

 Water is the most basic nutrient your body needs. Every single cell in your body needs it to function and up to 70% of our body is made up of water. It helps regulate our body temperature and heart beat, helps the cells deliver energy and is vital in burning fat, just to name a few functions. Most experts recommend 7-8 glasses of water a day in addition to the five servings of fruits and vegetables we should be eating. Anything with caffeine in it does not count toward your recommended daily allotment since caffeine drinks like coffee and tea expel water from the body. Try starting out each day with a tall glass of water with lemon in it, as suggested in the book Cheeseburger Abs. Continue reading

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Don’t you just love to go on a wonderful vacation? Really, who doesn’t like to get away from it all and find themselves in some exotic location trying new flavorful foods, and relaxing under the warmth of an inviting sun? Can you picture yourself? Relaxing in a comfortable lounger,  warm sands under your feet, blue sky, blue water and the food, more food, and still more food.

This relaxation along with feasting and drinking is what causes most of us to come home from our well-deserved vacations with tighter fitting clothes as the result of our over-indulgences. People are getting smarter though. You are getting smarter and are choosing a bit more moderation in your portions. When you do eat, you are making better choices. Let’s face it, you are on vacation and this is the time to splurge a little and create some amazing memories. And learning to “have your cake, and eat it too” is what the Cheeseburger Abs philosophy is all about. Continue reading

Picture from traileffect.comDon’t you just love a sunny day? The weather gets so nice here in the Okanagan during the spring and summer. It’s such a treat to be able to go for a nice walk or run as part of your healthy living routine. Do you have parks or nice places to take your fitness outdoors where you live?

Some days, I don’t even bother with training indoors. I get a complete workout and conditioning session right in my own backyard so to speak.  Interested?  This is what you can do.

– Start out with brief stretch of legs and hips, and some general warm up stretching: 2 – 3 minutes

– Walk and increase your pace: 1 – 2 minutes Continue reading

??????????????????????????????????????????????More and more people are boasting about the benefits of cross training. You’re probably wondering, “Do I need it?” or “Will it help me?” The answer may not be so cut and dry. There are a few things you need to consider, but the most important thing to ask yourself is, “What do you need help with?”

 If you’ve been focusing on certain muscle groups more than others, yes it can help you. It will help give your over-worked muscles a break while targeting other muscle groups you’ve been neglecting.

 If your old, normal routine has started to stress you out, it can give you a break from the monotony. Doing something new, and different, can add excitement back into your workout. It also keeps your muscles challenged. They get used to the same old routine too. Once they form what’s called “muscle memory” you lose a lot of the benefits the old routine gave you. Muscles need to be challenged from time to time so they develop in different ways. Continue reading


Carbohydrates are nutrients that your body breaks down to create sugar. Like other nutrients, carbohydrates also provide vitamins and minerals. But what does this have to do with losing weight?

 Why Does The Body Need Sugar?

 The cells in our body use sugar to make energy and your brain runs off of it exclusively for fuel. So, just like gas for your car, carbohydrates keeping the motor running. And while it is also true your body can run off fat and protein for a while, it will eventually need to switch back to carbohydrates, otherwise it will start eating its own muscle for fuel – not a good idea when dieting since it lowers your overall rate at which your body burns calories. Continue reading

Cheeseburger Abs - get rid of your belly fat

Belly fat, actually called visceral fat, are fat cells that collect in the front of your body just above your waistline. While normally associated with people having a large girth, skinny people can also have visceral fat too – it is just hidden deep in their abdominal cavity.  Think of it as the fat that is inside your body that surrounds your organs. This fat is different from the subcutaneous fat that lies just under your skin.

 So why is having belly fat a bigger deal than having the same amount of fat in other areas of the body? Belly fat is different from other stored fat.  Researchers have found that belly fat easily breaks down into fatty acids that drain directly into the liver. Once there it triggers Continue reading

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The answer is a resounding “Yes!” So then it comes down to doing a few things to prevent that from happening.

 When you do a specific workout routine for the first time, you are mentally excited to try it. Physically, the routine challenges your muscles, and because they as have not been exercised in this way, they must “work” harder. As a result, these muscles burn more calories now than they will later after they have become accustomed to this routine.

 As you constantly work the same muscles over time, they become stronger and more efficient, so they end up burning fewer calories now than they did when you first started. If you are eating the same types and amount of food, and exercising at the same intensity, you will notice a gradual decrease in the amount of weight you lose over a given period of time do to the reduced caloric burn. Continue reading

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