What is This Site All About?

Welcome to the central hub for the program Cheeseburger Abs. It supports the book Cheeseburger Abs and gives further details and up to date information on how you can eat what you want, and look absolutely fabulous.

This site is for people who are sick and tired of fad diets, and the bullshit promises made by the big industry “fitness gurus” who need you to think that getting back in shape, and staying that way is too hard and complicated. That’s why you need their programs with powders, pills, and promises not to mention the expensive gym memberships and crazy ab apparatuses to look good.

You don’t need all that. The book cost is less than twenty bucks, and it teaches you how to do all the rest without having to spend the extra money.

But it goes much further than that. You also discover (both in the book, and here on this website)

  • How to get back your shape without giving up everything in the process
  • How to know what you should be eating more of….
  • What you should be eating less of
  • How to assess your personal situation to craft a recovery program that is just as important as your physical activities
  • How to finally achieve your balance between fitness and you favorite foods that will leave you fit, lean, energetic, and fulfilled


We address all of these topics and more, concentrating the bulk of the site on the things that give you the most dramatic results quickly, and focus less on the superfluous garbage that isn’t really necessary. We are all busy, and it is this sites intention to pull some of the crap out of your life, leaving room for the things that matter.

This site promises to deliver the above in several different ways…

  • Through interviews with knowledgeable professionals
  • Through the posts and articles I research and write for you on this site
  • Through the books that allow the message to reach people who couldn’t possibly get the message if I simply worked with individuals on a “one-on-one” basis. Books like “Cheeseburger Abs” and “Give Up Your Fat.”

The activities mentioned help me pay for groceries, and the pampers and pablum that my young son Brandon needs.

If you are looking for no-BS information on being as fit, and functional as you can be, without emptying your wallet, stay subscribed to the newsletter and read the posts. Please ask any questions that may arise, and if I can’t answer your question, I will find someone who can.




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