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Don’t you just love to go on a wonderful vacation? Really, who doesn’t like to get away from it all and find themselves in some exotic location trying new flavorful foods, and relaxing under the warmth of an inviting sun? Can you picture yourself? Relaxing in a comfortable lounger,  warm sands under your feet, blue sky, blue water and the food, more food, and still more food.

This relaxation along with feasting and drinking is what causes most of us to come home from our well-deserved vacations with tighter fitting clothes as the result of our over-indulgences. People are getting smarter though. You are getting smarter and are choosing a bit more moderation in your portions. When you do eat, you are making better choices. Let’s face it, you are on vacation and this is the time to splurge a little and create some amazing memories. And learning to “have your cake, and eat it too” is what the Cheeseburger Abs philosophy is all about.

Being somewhat of a cheeseburger aficionado, I love to try burgers in different locations when I travel. Having already performed a quick ‘intentional cardio’ workout in the AM (see video at bottom), it was time to try out the burgers at the Royal Hideaway Playacar. This is an amazing place to stay if you ever get the chance. The staff’s attention to detail and friendliness rival the best I’ve experienced. But let’s talk about their food. It was wonderful, but their cheeseburger was exquisite. - great Cheeseburger at Royal Hideaway-Playacar - smallThe burger deserves more than just mention. The restaurant manager, Christian Rivas was called over as I had to report that this was the best cheeseburger I have had in all of Mexico.  I only wish I had a better picture of the burger itself.

Whatever your ‘guilty foods’ are, here are a few quick tips to boost your vacation fat burning efforts.

1.       Get your workout in early. Hit the resort or hotel gym early before temptation sets in. Get that beach run in, and use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or ‘Intentional Cardio’ to complete the session in around 20 minutes. See video below

2.       Not every meal has to be an indulgence. Give yourself the gift of the added energy that comes from a balanced meal with a good lean protein, a wonderful salad, and some fruit. Not heavy sauces, white flour breads and pastas, and sugar-sugar-sugar for your beverage choice. You are on vacation though, so one splurge meal per day is perfectly fine.

3.       Pack, or buy some health promoting tea. You can use the coffee maker to heat the water. This saves you money, and calories. Green tea is a natural choice, but have you tried sweet orange with a bit of natural honey?

4.       First order of business when you arrive may be to stop at a grocery store to buy some organic fruits and vegetable and healthy snacks. Put these in the mini-bar fridge and push aside those $10 candy bars. This will save mega calories during those ‘snacking hours’ and money as well.

5.       A little planning ahead is a wonderful thing. Pack a skipping rope, or extra points if you have a compact suspension training system or resistance bands to bring. They are very lightweight, and take up little room. And of course, don’t forget your running shoes. (It can hurt to jump rope with bare feet!) This way, it does not matter if your hotel isn’t equipped with a gym.

6.       Drink water. If you like to enjoy your alcoholic beverages while on vacation, consume enough water to aid your body in flushing out the effects of such habits. Buy filtered water if the source is suspect.

7.       Participate in fun activities that get you moving, and burn calories.

·         Hike the lands and take in the scenery

·          dance your evenings away

·         rent a bike – not a taxi (if the neighborhoods are safe)

·         do more walking

·         got a beach? play some volleyball, kick a ball back and forth, Frisbee? and of course swimming or snorkeling.

·         you’re getting the idea

Thanks for reading, now go and plan your next getaway.

Here is the video I promised. Its a fantastic method to counteract the overindulgence and ramp up your metabolism:

Here is the resort…

Here is an idea of the restaurants...

Image from Royal Hideaway Playacar Website

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