Picture from traileffect.comDon’t you just love a sunny day? The weather gets so nice here in the Okanagan during the spring and summer. It’s such a treat to be able to go for a nice walk or run as part of your healthy living routine. Do you have parks or nice places to take your fitness outdoors where you live?

Some days, I don’t even bother with training indoors. I get a complete workout and conditioning session right in my own backyard so to speak.  Interested?  This is what you can do.

– Start out with brief stretch of legs and hips, and some general warm up stretching: 2 – 3 minutes

– Walk and increase your pace: 1 – 2 minutes

– get it up to a reasonable run or jog, wherever your fitness level is at: 5 – ?? Minutes

– find an open space, or better yet a park and do the following… (with variations to suit your fitness levels where needed)

– perform set of push ups , pull ups, squats, and handstand – hold or reps

– either repeat this three times with a couple minutes rest between sets, or you can jog to the next park, or open space.

Some people have challenges getting a great shoulder workout with body weight exercises. You don’t have to have ridiculous strength and be able to pump out rep after rep of handstand push ups. Watch this video I filmed while on vacation in Mexico recently.


I love to perform this exercise routine.  You can get your three sets of body weight exercises and as you run or jog home, perform some interval  training. Run as fast as you can between lamp posts, or any other landscape features you have… and finally, you can perform a cool down by walking the last bit to your home, or parked vehicle.

What methods of outdoor fitness do you prefer?

image from http://www.traileffect.com/

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